Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Hair Hurts

I had a dream that I was showing someone how my hair was still not falling out. But when my fingers tip came away there were dozes on short hairs on them. Longer than what I have now... kind of like when you aggressively pet a cat in need of brushing.

I also dreamt that my upper left molars were starting to crumble. That's always disturbing. I don't like dreams about my person falling apart. Every now and then I dream about predatory fish too. Both types of dreams seem to come as warnings.

My teeth are fine. I am on day 2 of a nasty headache though. Hate that. Makes working on the computer challenging. I tucked myself into bed at 9:30 last night. But then after a while too much sleep also sets me up for body aches and a different kind of headache.

The hair on my head actually hurts. It definitely has a grain and I always seem to be going against it. I wore a cap to work yesterday and when I took it off - Wowzers! Hat head on little 1/4" stubble. A hot shower feels nice but that never lasts long enough. I've even tried hand lotion. My hair is very itchy. It's not like it can look greasy at this length.

Oh - and I've developed a weird rash where I got it the worst from the poison ivy last summer. From my elbow (especially) to my arm pit. I can see tiny little pink dots. And if I dare scratch -whoosh!- the dots turn into angry red goose bumps and the itch is maddening. It's the kind of rash you would see from contact with disagreeable detergents, only it's persisted since last Saturday... going on 6 days.

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