Sunday, February 7, 2010

End of My First Weekend on Chemo

Though I had more energy yesterday. After I went grocery shopping in the afternoon I came home completely wiped out. Of course, that could have been because everyone in the store was a complete idiot! Everyone was blocking the isles that are wide enough to let 3 carts pass easily. Or hanging out and chit-chatting, like we don't all have something better to do than hang out in a grocery store. Or they would be pushing their cart along like they were doing a slow pain-staking funeral march... come on! This ain't no church! At one point someone took my shopping cart by mistake (I was more than half way done filling it) and it took me about 15 minutes just to track it down 3 isles over... Paul would have gone ballistic.

Maybe it was just the experience that wiped me out and not the chemo. 3 hours in a grocery store could take the wind out of any ones sails.

I napped on the couch for a couple hours. I let Paul make me a light dinner with a bit of chicken breast in a whole wheat wrap with Havarti, spinach and a little red onion. Then I was up until almost midnight doing a little design work. Got a website set up for Nanny Robina and re-did some logos for Raj. It's taking a long time to do design work. Brain doesn't feel like it's going in slow motion but obviously it is! I'm not supposed to take my fish oil supplements with these chemo drugs because they can cause blood thinning or something. But that's my brain lube. Bummer.

Breakfast: Small serving of Special K with blue berries and 1% milk.
Snack: 1 slice of 12-grain toast with 1 hard boiled egg and 1 slice of bacon and 1/4 plum.
Snack: 1/3 cup frozen yogurt (coffee flavored with chocolate chunks)
Lunch: Spinach salad with mushroom, strawberry, red onion, 2 slices of bacon, garlic herb feta and ranch dressing.
Snack: 1/4 cup hummis with low sodium, trans-fat free tortia chips
Snack: 3 sesame seed ball snacks
Dinner: Had a 1/2 chicken breast with Havarti for dinner... then, 1/2 hour later, a banana with natural peanut butter.

I'm thirsty but I'm getting kind of sick of water.

Gotta work tomorrow. :-(

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