Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mmmm... Steak

Probably shouldn't have eaten it as it was prepared - medium rare... but it was soooooo good. And I haven't had steak in so long! The doctors said stay away from rare beef. I did manage to stay away from the sushi counter for lunch yesterday. That was a challenge but raw is pushing it.

Paul and I dined on New Your strips with sauteed mushroom, baked potatoes, nibblets and a glass of red wine this evening.
At no point have the doctors mentioned anything about not drinking alcohol with the treatments. I find that odd. They said I shouldn't even use mouthwash with alcohol in it (mouth sores, not that I have any).

Then we watched that Zombie World movie. Yuck. I'm such a goof when it comes to getting sucked into a movie. I know the boo-factor is coming. And yet there I am, peeling myself off the ceiling. Paul is amused. I stayed up to watch "Surrogates" with Bruce Willis. I enjoyed that one. Nice thoughtful sci-fi.

I think I'm the exception to the rule. This chemo thing ain't so bad. My hair still hasn't got the message that it's supposed to fall out. I don't feel ill. The only nausea was when I ate a big lunch right after the first treatment.

Today is day 8. Day 5-12 is when my white cell count is supposed to be bottoming out. Washing my hands a lot. Got the hand sanitizer in my purse. Just gotta be weary of where my hands have been.

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