Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Pt 2

Hair is all in your head. I keep forgetting it's gone and striking up conversations while I'm out and about (the bank, the grocery...). Then it dawns on me that complete strangers don't even look twice. I'm just an extravagant chick with really, really short hair.

My hair hasn't gotten the message that it's supposed to fall out yet. I've grown at least a 1/4 inch of plushiness since having it shaved. It kind of looks exotic. Most white chicks can't carry this look off, but I'm doing ok.

It is big time itchy. Maybe that's why it's coming in so well. I'm "stimulating" growth - scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch!
My hair is so thick and short that it can't lay down and just relax for a while.

My downstairs hair has started to fall out. The hair on the top of my head can't be pulled out with pliers.
I'm going to be smooth and exotic in a few days... legs people! I long for hairless legs!

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