Friday, February 5, 2010

Chemo Day 1

I need to massively up the fluid intake to FLUSH FLUSH FLUSH the toxins away that they are about to pump into me. I'm not good at getting enough water. But if I don't I imagine it'll feel a lot like a really bad hangover with all those poisons floating around my body.

Don't know what to expect, Paul will be with me in case I react badly. I don't think that'll be the case. Didn't do any reading as far as what to expect either. The effects are so varied that I would just be absorbing the worst case scenarios and making myself all scared before hand. Best to just go and see how it is first hand - not like I get a choice in that matter.

I think the poison ivy experience is actually a two fold blessing. Not only did I find the lump faster because of the steroid exposure, that was God's way of saying "This is what real pain feels like. Everything else is easy from here on in."

What the doctor did say was that one of the side effects of the drugs is that I WILL gain weight! Crap! Just when you think "I might feel like garbage but at least I'll loose some weight..." they go and pull that out from under ya!

Gotta go... leaving the house in 45 minutes.

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