Monday, February 15, 2010

The Curse

Apt timing with the "The Wolfman" (Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins) opening this week. I could have sworn today was the full moon but yesterday was actually a new moon (I just checked).

I just found myself going ape on the recycle bin wire frames and lids, cursing the manufacturers and tossing bins across the room with my super-human strength (which isn't serving me in getting the lids back onto the wire frame). So much for getting a little housework taken care of. I thought the activity would be calming and get the blood flowing. Instead my blood pressure is elevated, my nerves are twitching and I need a break.

It must be my own curse sneaking up on me. For the last couple days when Paul goes on one of his rambling tangents about the computer not working or his views about some football player or another... I find myself smiling and nodding and just wishing he would Shut Up! I'm sure he can see right through my happy face mask though. I think the facial tick may be giving me away. Be nice! At any other time I would be delighted to engage in conversation with him.
It must be hormones.

One of the things the chemo doc said is that there is a possibility that my cycles may be interrupted with chemo treatments and there is a chance that they could stop all together. I don't feel that is to be the case today. But then, this was my first of 6 treatments. Results may vary.
I am happy to report that the space under our sink is now clean and the trash has been taken out for garbage day... which is now being put off by a day since today is a holiday. Happy Family Day!

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