Saturday, February 13, 2010

Everyone Knows Someone

I popped into the pub to say hi the other night and the owners wife grabs my hand and gushes, "Oh, I heard your news! And I have a girlfriend in Berlington who just when through the same thing! If you need someone to talk to..."

I'm surprised how many people out there know someone else effected by cancer. I think calling up a complete stranger and saying, "hey! I hear you got cancer! I got cancer! You wanna compare notes?" would just be weird.

The pub owner's wife did say her friend's support group had a club and they get free massages and stuff! I should book some time at the hospital's support group too. They have free scarf tying and make-up classes and you get goodie bags. Hey, get your perks were you can. Guess this is a lot like that exclusive "mommy" club.

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