Strangers Who've Seen My Boobs

All modesty goes out the window when something like this happens.  I've had to go through a lot of exams and procedures, from acknowledging the lump and getting referrals to diagnosing the cancer and having it removed... and now onto preventative maintenance to avoid a recurrence of the disease.Dr. Irshad, family doctor
Walk-in clinic Dr. 1
Walk-in clinic Dr. 2
Mammogram tech
Breast Ultrasound tech
Liver Ultrasound tech
Xray tech
Biopsy Dr
Biopsy Dr assistant
MRI tech
Dr Niaz, surgeon
Dr Niaz assistant 1
operating room attendant 1
operating room attendant 2
operating room attendant 3
Dr Niaz assistant 2
Dr Niaz assistant 3
Dr. Radwin, radiologist
Dr. Radwin's assistant
Dr. Higgins, chemotheropist
Dr. Higgins, assistant
10 or so Radiation techs
= 30 or more and counting....