Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chemo Round 1 - Day 5

My hair grows so freaking fast! It's been 10 days since I had it buzzed off and I have a 1/4" of plush on top. I don't think my hair got the message that it was supposed to start falling out.

It feels nice. Except I keep assuming that I've still got a lot of it and I'm surprised at night when I reach up to "take out my pony tail". It's surprising how much tension you carry in your scalp. I was joking with Paul about that and he said "I know! When you're mad at me I can see your hair start to stand on end!" Just call me Medusa!

Today is day 5 of this course of chemo drugs. From about day 5 - 12 they said my white cell count drops and I may feel run down. We'll see. Might be a little tired. Might feel a little shaky. Might not notice much cause Im stubborn that way. Good excuse for frequent napping. :-)

This really isn't so bad. With every visit to the hospital I think, "But for the Grace of God there go I!" I'm not sickly at all. Not like those poor suckers - clutching their stomaches, wilting on beds, moaning and groaning and carrying on the way sick people do.

There was the scare factor but that's come and gone. The biggest emotional toll I've had to endure was how my illness stresses everyone else out. Cancer is such a big dirty word. This too shall pass.

Oops! Almost 9:00! Gotta go get dressed for work!

My bruise is just now starting to fade. I don't think I like IVs.

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