Friday, March 26, 2010


So tired! No.. energy... can't.. sit up....
I am absolutely wiped. I can't tell if I just pushed myself too hard this week or if the effects of the treatments are accumulative. I was wiped out on the Wed-Thurs following treatment last time But by Friday I was coming out of it. This time...

Standing makes me woozy. I had to leave work after lunch today. It was everything I could do to hold up my head. Not that I was sleepy, but my head felt like it weighed 50lbs and I was tired of having to hold it up.

Slept from around 9pm last night until 8 this morning. I did wake a couple times from a persistent head ache and or body aches. The old bones simply aren't meant for laying down that long.

No more peek-a-boo with Ty behind the couch. She took a nick out of the bridge of my nose. Bad cat.

I hope the next set of rounds is easier. Accounts of other people having the same experience go both ways. It could be way easier or it could be miserable.

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