Friday, January 29, 2010

Gag - I'm So Weepy

I'm not even sad. It's so weird. Not so much right now because it's after dinner and I've got MAD MAX playing in the back ground. But in general, so many things cause that tightening in my throat, a flush to my cheeks and my eyes to well up. It could be a happy moment, a sad moment, a romantic story or a baby story, a rescued animal or human... about the only thing that doesn't choke me up is in-your-face comedy and cooking shows.

I think it might be a result of the fact that I'm holding everything in about having to have the cancer treatment. I'm not scared. I don't even feel sick... Yet. I hope I don't get too sick.

Series finally of Dollhouse - bet there will be at least one seen that makes me cry.

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