Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pain Today Gone Tomorrow

After a month of agony, today is day two of NO PAIN!  or very little.  I'm still stiff with low energy.

Took a bath tonight; a nice long, hot, relaxing soak.  Whatever energy I had was sucked down the drain with the bath water.  I had to have a 20 min lay down.  I wasn't strong enough to feed myself - Paul made me dinner.  So now I'm fed, medicated, bathed, shaved, moisturized and resting.  If only I could sit up, life would be good.  I'm kidding (almost).  I'll be able to sit up in a few minutes.

While yesterday was my first day of feeling normal in forever, there was still a brand new phantom pain - in the muscle above my left breast pushing against my ribs, it feels like I got poked hard with a blunt stick (which didn't happen).  It got worse and worse through out the day until evening when the slightest wrong move felt like a punch/stab/jolt.  I wok this morning with the pain subsiding, feeling like a it was a healing bruise.

It's the perfect example of how my random, for no good reason pain works.  It just shows up, hurts for as long as it wants and then goes away.  It could be my hip, my ribs, my joints, my arm, my jaw... just pain - then not pain. And almost always on the left.  Knock wood the next radiation fixes a lot of that.

There we go... energy returning.  Sigh.

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