Thursday, November 20, 2014

So how's ur health now ?

Better I suppose. Had my first bone density treatment on Monday... that stuff knocks you on your ass. It's supposed to be flu like symptoms...I basically slept for 48 hours.

I have a head ache today. Too much beer and up too late last night. I'm thinking the too much is related to the medicine on Monday because it wasn't excessive.

Re-diagnosed... I've been celebrating being post breast cancer going on 4 years. Not no more. It's back. But it's moved to my back. Apparently breast cancer cells like bone tissue and the spine is a lovely warm place with lots of blood flow to make the little buggers feel safe an cozy.

The bitch of the mater is, now that it's back it's never going to be eradicated. It can be managed... but for how long is anyone's guess. I start radiation on the 24 to help shrink some of the masses, there by giving me better mobility and less daily ... it's not really pain. But it is an ever present discomfort.

I'm just peachy.

I know... It's a boat load to ingest. There just is no nice way to sneak the Cword into a conversation. So if I come across as prickly sometimes... well, it's because I am. And I have a right to be. The last time I went through this it was with the intention of never having to deal with it again. A year of chemo and d radiation and shots and what not... That was tough stuff and I sailed through it with a smile on my face like nothing was the matter. It was more important that everyone else feel ok because it wasn't the end of the world. This time it's a bit tougher. I could have a few years left or many. We just don't know. But I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm not going to ever know what it's like to be an 80 year old woman.

I'm still processing.

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